Thursday, March 10, 2011

I want!

Ch-ch-check it out - awesome Secret of Kells watercolours! Oh the prettiness!

Sigh... so beautiful!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If there's anything more girly than diamond shoes or a diamond tampon, I don't want to know about it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New house nerves

I got the keys to the apartment on Saturday, woo! So myself and Amy put on our rubber gloves and spent all day Saturday cleaning the place with brillo pads. It was tough work but well worth it, it looks so lovely now! Amy is the absolute best, I love her to bits. We rearranged some of the furniture too, so it kinda feels like ours now, instead of just someone else's house that I happen to be staying in. I stayed in Amy's that night, it was fun, I miss hanging out with herself and Richie. I was going to stay in the apartment but I have too much new house anxiety, every little noise freaks me out! I'm so jumpy. I'll have to learn to calm down.

Myself and Grace won tickets to the Heineken Green Spheres thingy last week. There were two gigs - The Go! Team and Cut Copy. I was looking forward to The Go! Team but I'd never heard of Cut Copy so I wasn't looking forward to that one so much. Sigh.. TGT were a bit of a disaster. We were drinking in Grace's house for a while first, and then went to the Black Box for the gig. At 9pm. The band didn't arrive on stage until after 12. Ugh. We were so pissed off from waiting that we left 20 minutes into their set, it just wasn't worth the three-hour wait. Then we went to the Roisin, but it was fucking NUI rag week and sure Cuba and half of Galway is closed down, so all the awful, obnoxious, shit-faced drunk, aggressive, nasty kind of students ascended upon our favourite pub and made our night there really awkward and horrible. We left after less than an hour. DISASTER ARRRGGGHHHH! The following night, however, was awesome. We went to Cut Copy in the Radisson, danced our socks off, and I went home in a much better mood. Woo!

Here's a cool picture of some Pokemon in honour of Black and White, neither of which I am going to buy because I don't understand any Pokemon after the first 151. I know, I'm old.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Super friends

Moving into my new apartment next weekend (it's now Monday, we're getting the keys on Saturday). I'm really looking forward to the little things - giving it a good clean, putting my bits and pieces in my room, that sort of thing. Am I getting old? Probably, yes. I found a box of cool old stuff in the attic, stuff from my room in the old house, that sort of thing. There were some nice photo frames there so I put pictures from Annecy and stuff in them. Here's one of them:

I love this photo and I love my friends! Annecy was fun, I'd like to go this year but I think too many of us asking to get time off for it, when we're just in the door, is taking the piss. I'm really grateful for this job, I don't want to jeopardise anything.

I heart androgyny 2

....Emma Watson, please, never grow your hair again. And also marry me.