Saturday, February 26, 2011


It's one of my new friends' birthdays today, and I'm supposed to be going out with them, but I don't think I can. I have a history with her best friend, and it ended weirdly... cue extreme awkwardness. Boo-urns, I'd like to have gone to this party. Oh well. :(

It's also Johnny Cash's birthday today.

(I'm aware this is Joaquin Phoenix.)

My three aunties are here for the weekend, myself and dad arranged for them to come up to surprise my mam. She's had a really rough few weeks what with dad being sick and all, so dad asked the girls to come up to see her. It was so funny, the look on her face was actually priceless! She deserves a good pick-me-up though, like I said, it's been rough.

Election count today... I voted yesterday afternoon. I gave my number one to Michael Crowe (FF) and my number two to Derek Nolan (Labour). I'm happy enough with my choices, although Crowe almost definitely hasn't gotten his seat back! Nolan should get in though. I hope the voters of Dublin don't elect bloody Lucinda though, after her comments about gay marriage.. bitch. Spokesperson on equality my arse. Hence why I voted Labour number two (so he can get my vote after Crowe is eliminated lolololol) - they have a good policy on gay marriage. Fair play!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Successful times

So, I paid a little deposit on the apartment so it's officially ours! Woo! I'm so excited! I dunno... I just get a good feeling from it. It's cute. I'm hoping F and A will come to visit, and Reid has told us to book our couch for him too. Fun times ahead!

I finished up my weight loss thingy in the gym today, it seems to have been fairly successful. I mean, when I went in my body fat thing, or hip to waist ratio, or whatever it is, was supposed to be 0.8 and mine was 1.2, and now it's down to 0.9, which is cool. I'm fairly pleased with that! If I wasn't moving to the other side of the city I'd continue with it, but alas, this cannot be. I have the prom on my doorstep thought, so I'll be able to walk or jog on that... I think I mentioned this before, anyway, i'll need to keep working to fit into that damn dress!

I'm off now to watch the new episode of my ultimate guilty pleasure TV show:

...whatever, I love it, I don't care!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I heart girl bassists

Something I love just as much as androgyny - girl bassists. Here are a few of my favourites:

Paz Lenchantin

She's not just talented, she's also really cool and pretty and just generally awesome. And she was the bassist for one of my all-time favourite bands (A Perfect Circle). Love her!

Hilary Woods

Not only is Hilary a great bassist, she's also Irish, which is kinda cool.


While I don't agree with everything Mindless Self Indulgence say, you have to admit that Lyn-Z is bitchin'.

Iracema Trevisan

I spent more time trying to spell this lady's name than finding the picture of her. CSS played an amazing set at Electric Picnic two or three years ago, and I still love them because of that.

D'Arcy Wretzky

A list of female bassists wouldn't be a list of female bassists without D'Arcy!


So... we have an apartment! I went viewing two apartments today, both in Salthill.

The first one was very nice, it was just above a shop, spitting distance from work. It has lovely wooden floors throughout and is very, I dunno, airy or spacious or something. It looks bigger than it is. And it's got a wee balcony that looks out over the sea, which is very relaxing. The bedrooms are a good size too.. I think I already have my room picked out! The landlord seems like a nice guy too.

The second one was a disaster. Firstly, we couldn't find it for ages. Then when we did, the guy didn't even turn up. He was from an accommodation agency too, so he should've been more professional about it. Urgh. We (mam and myself) waited in the rain for forty minutes for him, and he didn't show, despite his secretary receiving increasingly pissed-off phonecalls from me. So, needless to say, we're gonna take the first one, the one above the shop. I'm pretty pleased with it, I get a really good feeling from it.

Found this today on Bryan Lee O'Malley's twitter:

Ah Ramona... you'll always be the girl for me. <3 It's a pity B.L.O'M. comes across as such a prick on twitter. Oh well.

Aside from this I have no other news. I got a cheque today from the Revenue Commissioner. For six euro. Six. I'm owed about two hundred. This bloody country...  Elections in a few days and I still haven't fully decided who I'm gonna vote for! It's so confusing. I'm not going to get into it here though.

A friend of mine's mother died the other day, which is terribly sad as that family has experienced more than its fair share of loss in recent years. Strange how life works out sometimes. RIP.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


...that's not a photo of me, I just thought it was cute so I robbed it.

Dear Lord, I am so tired! And kinda hungover... urrrgh. Was out last night, we went to Dignity, a gay bar in Galway. I wasn't so sure I wanted to go, but Grace and co. were going so I tagged along... and actually had a lot of fun! And I ran into an old friend from Dublin there which was nice. Oh, and a guy who studies film at IADT... weird! For a little college there's no escape from its students! Stayed at Alex's house and had to walk home this morning/afternoon, with a pounding headache, from Doughiska. It was kinda horrible but kinda nice, walking along in the pissing rain, having an aul' think.

I really want to get a new tattoo, I want it to be on the front of my shoulder, y'know, just there between the boob and the shoulder. And I think i'd like it to be a bird, but I dunno... is that too hipster? I don't want to be misconstrued as one of those dickheads.

I think I'm gonna go get a cup of hot chocolate and go to bed. Here's a cute picture to leave you with.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dad's home!

So dad got home from hospital today! Yay! He's still very sore and has a tube stitched into his side, draining fluid out into a bottle.. but he's home. And on the road to recovery. (Fingers crossed.)

I was on DeviantArt today (shudder)... I don't honestly know why. Anyway, I saw this photo and it made me wish that firstly, I'd continued playing guitar, and secondly, that I'd continued my photography project. Sigh. I have the attention span of a child with ADD. Anyway, here's the super-cute photo in question:

Speaking of cute couples, two of my friends, one old and one new, went on a date last night. I'm not gonna name them, but they are very cute and I hope it works out for them. 

As for me... 

....I'm kidding! Honestly, I am. I just wanted to use a meme. And I had no reason to use the likes of Bachelor Frog. 


I knew I named this blog Twentysomething Angst for a reason...

Friday, February 18, 2011

I heart androgyny

Just came across this picture online and had to post it because it's so cute.

Ellen Page.

Nom nom nom!

In the beginning....

Hey homies, Claire here with my sparkly new blog. This one will be different to my Livejournal in that I'm using it to ramble about stuff, instead of just posting crappy drawings.


For those of you who don't know me...

Yeah. That sums it up really.

So... I'm just back from visiting dad in hospital, hopefully he'll be home by tomorrow. Hopefully!

Bought my dress for Aoife's wedding yesterday, it's really awesome. Turquoise and black - how can you go wrong with that? My favourite colour combined with my most-worn colour. Pretty cool.

New Skins last night. I love Franky, she's no Naomi or Emily (who is, in fairness?) but she's still very cute. Can't believe she's the little kid from The Golden Compass... I almost feel bad for thinking she's so cute.

Can't believe I'm actually back watching Skins again. I haven't even seen the last four or so episodes of season four, I couldn't bear to see Effy slow-blinking and Freddie pouting through four more bloody episodes. Urgh! Heh... 'bloody'... (SPOILER)

I went to view a house this evening with mam, it was this place in Salthill for myself, Anne and Peavoy. It was shit. We definitely won't be taking it. Ah well, better luck next time! If Amy and Richie managed to find a house in less than two days, I'm confident we'll have a house by the time work begins in three weeks.

That's all for now... I'm tired.

Night night.