Tuesday, June 28, 2011

John Peavoy Sleeps With A Basil Plant Which He Believes Gives Him Sexual Powers

... the title is the last thing Anne said to me before I started typing this. We're just back from a road trip to TESCO, how exciting! The joys of having a car, or as Peavoy calls it, my Pussy Wagon.

Kelly's had another of their ridiculously difficult table quizzes last night, but this month's one was Simpsons themed! And instead of coming last, I was on the winning team! Woo! €150 voucher for Kelly's, thank you very much! Our team consisted of myself, Diarmaid, Donal and Mark. We got 78 right out of 80, and it would've been a perfect score except that we worded two answers wrong. One of the answers was the Ironic Punishments Division (we answered Department of Ironic Punishments) and the other was The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence (we wrote Monty instead of Montgomery). Ah well! If we'd gotten 80 right out of 80 they would've thought we were even bigger freaks than they already thought we were!

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do when I finish working on Joe and Jack. I've decided I want to take a holiday, by myself, to some big city that speaks English (for the simple reason that I'll be on my own, not that I have anything against non-English-speaking countries - hey, I've been to Tokyo for feck sake). I'm thinking either San Francisco or Los Angeles. Originally it was LA, but John said he's been there and doesn't recommend it. He said San Francisco is smaller and more pleasant, while still being a city. I dunno... I'll have to have a big think about it. I have plenty of time anyway, we're only on our third episode!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

'No One's Gonna Love You....'

You know that feeling where you feel so unloved that you just wanna sit in your pyjamas, listening to 'No One's Gonna Love You' by Band Of Horses at top volume and sobbing into your entire tub of ice cream?

No? Oh, me neither! I was just kidding! Obviously!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Crap. It has indeed been over a month since I last posted, and I have no real news. Went to Slane with Gulla, drove to Cork, went to the IADT grad exhibition, worked a lot, partied a bit. But what have I been doing recently, you ask? As in, in the last 24 hours? MAKING SHIT OF MY HAIR, THAT'S WHAT!!! Arrrgh! I decided in my infinite wisdom and raging peroxide addiction to do my own roots. Left the bleach on too long, ended up with yellowy-white roots. Had to do the rest of my hair that colour too. Now my whole head is yellowy white. And it looks rotten. My eyebrows are still black, my eyes are still brown, and now my face looks pink. WHAT THE CRAP WAS I THINKING!?!? Why do I always think I can do a good job of my hair myself!? FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!!! ALSO I APPEAR TO BE BECOMING ADDICTED TO CAPS LOCK!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!1 So I'm going to a hairdresser in town on Friday evening to get him to work his magic on my hair and put it back to normal. I'm willing to pay above the odds to make myself NOT look like an X-Men reject anymore. And I'm too afraid to go to Valarie because the last time I made a bollox of my hair she did such a lovely job making it right, and I don't want to seem like a complete idiot by destroying it again, less than a year later. Urgh. Why, Schwartzkopf. Why do you have to make peroxide so cheap and easily accessible. Why. Sigh... Fair the well, nice blonde hair. Twas nice knowing you.