Sunday, May 1, 2011


...aaaaand it's the first of May, so it's officially summer. Woo! Not that it really matters since I'm a working woman now, but still, it's nice to wake up to sunshine in the mornings. I spent my first day of May with none other than Mr. Hamilton, he came up to visit since I was on my lonesome in the apartment, what with Anne and Peavoy gone a-gallivanting. We had an awesome time - movies and wine last night, and we went to the aquarium today and drew fish. It was so much fun! It's just a pity he couldn't stay longer. :( Oh well, after his reaction to my lovely apartment I'm sure he'll be back again soon!

I visited Dad in hospital this morning (Andy went off for a wander around Salthill while I was there), he's coming home for his weekly break from the treatment on Tuesday. Then I drove from the hospital back to Salthill - and some stupid bitch in a Jeep opened her door just as I drove past, I nearly knocked it clean off. God dammit!

On Friday night I went to see Toby Kaar playing the Roisin with Grace. It was so much fun, and he played all my favourites - except Bread! I would've been disappointed if it wasn't for the fact that I enjoyed it so much. I introduced myself after the gig, he's a lovely guy and said I can use his music for my showreel if I want. Score! I'll probably use either Mexico or Bayleaf, depending on what suits it better. I met him in Kelly's a few hours later, I was locked, and I think I gave out to him for not playing Bread. Oops! I was in Kelly's with the Morley cousins for Barry and Darragh's birthday, it was a fun night! Grace came with me and got on like a house on fire with my cousins. Of course she did - she's awesome!

I think I'm gonna go crawl into bed with my laptop and watch some crappy sitcoms, and then sleep for a long time. Night night.

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